Speaking of candy…

November 4, 2011

This had me laughing out loud.  In fact, just thinking about it is making me laugh again.  Enjoy!


the candy has got to go

November 3, 2011

Full disclosure:  tonight I ate about 6 mini aero bars (I live in Canada, remember?) and a chunk of cheese for dinner.  I am now too ill to write, I have to go lay on the couch and moan.  The candy has got to go…anyone who’s in the mood for some canadian chocolate feel free to swing by my office tomorrow.  Blurg.

Reason #571 that we need to move already

November 2, 2011

Two weeks ago, there was a crazy wind storm that brought down a giant branch from our next door neighbor’s tree onto our front lawn.  I knew that it was more trouble than it was worth to try and get him to handle it (those of you who have been to my house understand), so I called the landscaper that we’ve used in the past and asked her to come cut it into pieces so we could put it out with the yard waste.

It rained the day that she was supposed to come, and the next day, and the next, so I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t see her.  She left me a message that she’d be back to finish later in the week, and at the time it was dark out, so I thought that maybe I’d just missed the work she’d done and promptly put it out of my mind – I’d remember when I walked in from work each day but was quickly distracted by the cutest baby on the block.

I got home from work yesterday and our house looked TERRIBLE. It was highlighted by the fact that our neighbors on both sides had done a thorough yard cleanup while our yard continued to get worse.  I couldn’t touch the carpet of leaves under/on/around this enormous branch, and frankly, I’m surprised we weren’t getting letters from people on our street about how craptastic our yard looked.  So I call the landscaper and leave a very polite but firm message that if she couldn’t make it the next day to let me know, because I’d have to call someone else to deal with the tree and our yard.  She called me right back very confused, as she’d finished the work on our house earlier that day.

Long story short?  She’s been cleaning up the yard at the NEW HOUSE.  Yes, she thought that we’d moved, and I needed her help at the new house.  Tree was gone when I got home from work today.

We really need to move.


November 1, 2011

So, inspired by both Mel and Amy, I’ve decided to use NaBloPoMo as a giant nudge to get back into this here blog. Because I need more on my plate right now.

Let’s see if I can actually do it – an entry a day for the month of November. At the very least, it’ll give me something to do while listening to L. hoot herself to sleep every night…

Nap awesomeness – or not.

July 9, 2011

Lily has NEVER not taken a nap. Literally.  So I figured it was safe to invite some friends and their various kids to come over for an afternoon in our pool and early dinner around 2:30 – 3:00 pm, when she usually wakes up.

I put Lily down at her normal 1:00 nap time and she did not fall asleep.   She was not crying, just chatting to herself, hanging out in the crib.  I went up after 45 minutes to see if she might be hungry, as the longest she’s ever gone before falling asleep for a nap was 20 minutes.  Guess what?  She wasn’t hungry.  She entertained herself by trying to stick her pacifier in my mouth then pull it away – a fun game, apparently, as it was getting big laughs.  As of 2:17,  she is still not asleep.  I am positive that she’ll fall asleep about 5 minutes from now, get a nice 10 minute nap in and be ridiculous all afternoon.  Yay!

(So, there, nudgy friends who are on my case for never posting any more.  I promised that I’d get back to this blog thing, and here you go).


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